n.c.mckinney, Photographer | Introducing Nicole

Because it's not about "Looking" happy for the picture!! Hi! I'm Nicole McKinney. I help people see beauty.


There's stunning beauty in YOU, and in the ones that you love. You see it --at those moments when you least expect it. Then you grab a camera... and it's gone. 

Is it really gone? No. It's waiting for me, to capture it for you.

Hi! I'm Nicole McKinney. I help people see beauty. 

I have the education -during my 2 years with New York Institute of Photography, my images won several awards.

Also, the experience -I've been a working professional art photographer for over 20 years. 

But most importantly, I have the passion and joy of life to create the most genuine, the most un-posed, the most naturally lovely portrait of your family. 

Please also browse my art images. You'll see more of what I see- the amazing beauty in life, that we can so easily overlook.  

I shoot with Sony Cameras and lenses. I have worked with Photoshop almost since the year it was released!   A beautiful image is like an uncut diamond. The editing process is incredibly exciting and satisfying to me as a photographer.

You will not regret entrusting your family portraits to me.  I work passionately and tirelessly to preserve the beauty that is YOU.