Hi! I'm Nicole McKinney. I help people see beauty.


Hi! I'm Nicole McKinney. I help people see beauty. 
There's stunning beauty in YOU, and in the ones that you love. You see it --at those moments when you least expect it. Then you grab a camera... and it's gone. 

Is it really gone? No. It's waiting for me, to capture it for you.

I have the education -during 2 years studying with New York Institute of Photography, my images repeatedly won awards.

Also, the experience -I've been a working professional art photographer for over 25 years. 

But most importantly, I have the passion.  The joy of life.  To capture the genuine, the un-posed, the natural beauty of your family. 

Please also browse my art images. You'll see more of what I see- the amazing beauty in life, that we can so easily overlook.  

I shoot with Sony Cameras and lenses and have worked with Photoshop almost since the year it was released! The editing process is incredibly exciting to me as a photographer.  A beautiful image is like an uncut diamond... the editing makes it sparkle.

You will be forever glad you entrusted your family portraits to me.  It is my passion to preserve the beauty that is YOU. 


Because it's not about "Looking" happy for the picture!!