The Story of Tea on the Trail


Tea, of course, tastes better in a beautiful cup! But so often we save our porcelain for "best". Sometimes we're even afraid to use it in the safety of our own homes. Why is that, anyway? Just because one has a beautiful, fragile soul doesn't mean one should live forever locked away. Maybe, like us, teacups ought to get a little fresh air sometimes, and have the occasional adventure

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Fresh air?  Adventure? That's not so hard to find. It happens that my home of Kentucky is middle America's
best kept secret of beautiful... no... life-changingly stunning, hiking trails.

I chase beauty through some seriously steep, rough terrain. So inspiration... or insanity... struck
in the summer of 2018. If it wasn't crazy enough to risk precious photographic equipment while navigating trails, let's add porcelain teacups to the mix! Why, you ask? why not?

So began an art project: Tea on the Trail, on Instagram and Facebook. Come along with me & my thrift store teacups to the places where I find serenity.

I take a moment, enjoy some tea, and make a memory. By the way, I'm extremely cautious about not unnecessarily disturbing the environment on these adventures; leave no trace is my bare minimum, but I aspire to leave it better. 

There's more- because something wonderful has happened: people seem drawn to my project! On social, and on the trail. I am totally amazed by the generous, adventurous souls who loan or gift their precious teacups! Even more fascinating is the work of artisan tea blenders,  teaware vendors, and even farmers who have share their highest quality wares with me. It's my pleasure to post reviews and steeping notes, hopefully introducing some readers to a whole new world of tea.


This is an art project. If you are professionally interested in tea, contact me! We can collaborate.

 Prints are available, as always. Click picture above to see options. Feel free to message me for framing options,  metal prints or many other display alternatives. Commissions are welcome too.

Let's do tea, sometime- on the trail!