What is Birth moments photography?

The day you meet your little one...

It goes on forever, but then it's gone in a flash.  So much is happening, and at the same time,  wave after wave of emotions flood over the new parents.

You'll keep that feeling forever.  But the precious details... they get lost, in time. 

Should Dad take pictures?  That doesn't seem fair.  Mom needs his support and he needs to be in the pictures, meeting his new little love.

How about Grandma & Grandpa? Yeah, they're a little busy.  The whole heart exploding with love thing? That's a bit distracting.

Meanwhile, a lot is happening.  Let's take a moment here to appreciate the nurses and hospital staff who work tirelessly, and still manage to put their heart into each and every new life.  I've seen them. They're amazing.

A professional photographer can capture these moments. Without intruding. That's very important. 

I have the equipment and training to take clear, beautiful images, even in the challenging space of a hospital room.  Because, to me, what's happening here is a sacred moment, I quietly and peacefully document it while staying out of the action.  Mom & Dad need to feel the feels. The medical staff need to protect the patients. I'm even committed to NOT using a flash unless a drastic need arises! (yes, the sample pictures in my birth galleries were taken without flash! Sometimes in very low light!)  I'm like your personal fly on the wall, collecting all these moments so you will have them. Forever.

The moments are more than the actual birth.

Some moms love the idea of birth photography, but worry.... about discretion.  Some medical staff prohibit photography during certain times. 

This is why a professional is so valuable. As the client, your preferences are most important to me.  In your pre-natal consultation, I'll find out just what is boundaries you'd like me to follow and what moments matter most to you.  Then, when everything is happening, you and the baby's welcoming family will not even have to think about the technical stuff. I've got it covered.

This day is full of beautiful first-in-a-lifetime moments. EVEN when the baby is delivered by C-Section